Monday, November 8, 2010

Deepavali celebration....just the 2 of us

Back in SG, Deepavali celebrations were usually held at RG's sister's place where she'd cook up a big feast for all of us....and she'd also stock up on other yummy treats like indian sweets and all sorts of murukkus that we would continue to munch on even after the very hearty meal =P

This year, RG was saying that he missed Deepavali celebration and all the yummy food that his sister makes.....well, that made the 2 of us!

So on Deepavali (US time) day, we decided to head to our favorite indian restaurant on the cape to have our own little celebration. The name of the restaurant is called Golden Swan and it's located in Falmouth (Cape Cod). It is by far one of the best indian restaurants that we know of in this part of Massachusetts.

Here's RG waiting in anticipation for our orders to arrive......

...our food had arrived and the tandoori chicken was still sizzling like crazy on the hot plate....yumz....we also ordered garlic naan and some lamb curry.

Although it was no where near the yumminess of RG's sister's homecooked did cheer us up a little at the very least.

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