Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The eco-friendly sweeper cover....

My mom uses the Magiclean wiper stick and wiper sheets to pick up dust. She'd often rinse the dirtied wiper sheets, dry them and then reuse them a couple of times before tossing them out as the thin sheets would start to disintegrate. Her practice is not only easy on the wallet but also very environmentally friendly.

Over here, I use both the dry and wet wipers for my floors. I always find it such a waste to dispose of the sheets after just a couple of times of wiping. And the refill sheets aren't exactly cheap either!

Imagine my joy when I found a lady selling hand-crocheted reusable wiper covers in Etsy!! Her covers are very nicely made and really thick too to withstand tough cleaning jobs and also countless of machine washes. The covers can be used for both wet and dry mopping!

And her eco-friendly product is just USD3.50 (excl postage)!! It costs so much less than a box of the 12-pc refills (around USD10) and yet lasts much longer. It's really a no-brainer decision for me to switch to her reusable covers.

If you are interested to check out Amie's eco-friendly products, do visit her Etsy shop at (NOTE: This is neither a paid advertorial nor am I vested in her business in anyway. I'm also not related to Amie - apart from being a very happy customer of hers)

YES to saving money and the environment!!! You just can't lose.

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