Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recycled denim tote.....

So after my earlier plastic bag saver project in which I used one leg of my old "holey" jeans....I used the remaining of my jeans to make a tote bag.

Ta-da!'s the fruit of my 1/2 day labor. Scarves/ribbons of different colors can be threaded through the original belt loops to match my different outfits and moods. heh heh....

The front pockets on each side would serve to hold my keys and convenient!! :)

I have lined the inside with a bright red pokka dot fabric....reminds me of Minnie Mouse...CUTE! Instead of a zipper which is more leychey to sew....I just added a magnetic snap button.

Brand new bag at no cost.....apart from some blood (I poked my finger with the darn needle) & sweat. LOVE it!!!!


  1. Tania, you're very talented and creative. What a great use for an old pair of jeans.

  2. Hi Charmaine,
    You flatter me....actually, those are simple projects...anyone can do them if they are willing to...just like cooking and baking! =)

  3. Tania,

    This is Cindi. Wow this is a nice bag, rugged and handy. You are creative. I have a pair of old jeans, luckily I did not throw it away, can make this way. Thanks for the idea.


  4. Thanks Cindi. Hope you'll give your old jeans a second chance and make something pretty and usable out of share with me what you've done to it :)