Saturday, November 27, 2010

There's so much to be thankful for!!!

This Thanksgiving....I would like to give thanks to - our loving families and friends, my wonderful husband and our joyful lives together!

Same like last year, we had a small cosy dinner with our friend TP. She made turkey, stuffings, sweet potato & potato mashes, green bean casserole & creamy small onions!! She's an amazing cook.

I too, made 2 small contributions to our dinner - a chicken roll as appetiser and sticky buns for dessert.

Here I am setting up the table - nothing fancy or chi-chi, just our regular plates/cutleries/glasswares, paper napkins, a bright colored vinyl tablecloth & a bunch of $3.99 fresh alstros. Being thankful doesn't mean being extravagant!

My refrigerator was quite packed with the big growler of beer had to be chilled outdoor on the deck!

Here's RG popping open the chilled beer......

What can be better than having lots of yummy foods & chilled beer in the company of my darling and a good old friend?!!!!

My super sticky very first attempt and quite a success if I may shamelessly say. Eventhough we were stuffed after all the food.....everyone still had 2 big buns each (effortlessly)!!!

Here's my chicken roll appetiser......

Many people were asking me how I achieved the "wreath" look for the roll....well, it isn't as hard as it's a pictorial "HOW TO".....

It'd be a nice looking dish for Christmas. With a little could further decorate the "wreath" with some fresh parsley or halved cherry tomatoes/cranberries. You could also place a dip/sauce in the middle or perhaps some chips/cheesesticks to accompany the roll.

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  1. What a lovely feast! I love the chicken roll. Very creative!