Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Parade 2010

Many folks have been asking why I haven't been updating my blog.....first I want to apologise to my "avid" readers (tee hee!)....the thing is, after my netbook was rebooted...all my photo editing programs were wiped out and I haven't been able to reload the programs...which means I'm still unable to edit my photographs on my netbook. I can only edit the photos using RG's laptop when he's not using it.

Also, you folks might've known that I had some visitors from Singapore. Four of my old old friends had visited me and had stayed with me for about 2 weeks. They left only first week of October. Following that, we had another close friend who was in Boston for work and we also brought her around Boston. And then, another good friend (ex-colleague from my NUS days) was also in Boston briefly and we managed to catch up with him. But the main reason why I had been so busy was 'cos IT IS FALL!!! RG and I were taking every single opportunity to go someplace whenever he was not working to enjoy the foliage which had been magnificent this year.

Now that fall is almost over...and the temperatures are dropping's likely that we'll be travelling less. And I would've more time to blog again.

Last Sunday was Halloween. As usual, RG and I attended the Halloween Parade in our town. The parade is quite a big event....almost all the adults, children and pets were there. Enjoy the photos of the "scary" costumes!
The poor woman's bag-over-the-head Halloween costume.....hahaha, yes, that's ME!

The children were all dolled up in the cutest costumes!!

The "witches of Marion" led the parade.....

Being a big Crocs fan, I absolutely adore this guy's "costume". Yes, he was wearing Crocs on his feet too.

I saw many many ware wolves.....they looked darn creepy....

I love this very innovative and inexpensive balloons tied around the body and a green fabric completed the look.

This costume (on the left) is another of my favorite. It looked quite realistic...the headless torso carrying a head.

The adults had fun dressing up too......who says Halloween is only for kids!

This shot was taken towards the end of the parade. The sunrays were streaming through the golden foliage.....and the street was lined with fallen leaves on both sides...beautiful!!

A "scary" doctor??!! He was so excited to start his trick-or-treat that he was running and tripping....and getting up and running and tripping again all over the place. Funny!!

The poochies were also dressed up.

Some homeowners who were awaiting the trick-or-treaters were also dressed up. FUN!

This year we didn't get a single trick-or-treaters 'cos we are staying on a remote RG brought all the candies/chocos to school for his students and they loved them! No one is too old for treats I guess =)

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