Monday, November 8, 2010

Snip snip snip.....

The dryer has taken yet another victim.....this time, my very expensive pair of River Island jeans. I found a big gap near the @ss part....a patch job will be too obvious....and I'm too old for the tattered jeans grunge look (well, actually the main reason is 'cos my @ss is too fat now!).

I was tossing between recycling the jeans into a pair of skirt or turning it into a tote. I decided on the latter 'cos I also thought of converting one of the legs into a plastic bag saver. I was at the Christmas Trees Shop on Saturday when I saw a fabric bag saver and had almost wanted to buy it for $5. But the material felt kinda thin and the elastic opening a little weak...I really doubt it could hold all of my plastic bags. God knows how many plastic bags I have saved over the months (I just piled them in my cabinet so much so that the cabinet doors don't shut fully now!).

After making my scissors went snip!snip!snip!

And in less than 10 minutes of sewing and threading of the elastic band through the fabric opening......I've made my very own sturdy plastic bag saver. Super easy! I decided to spruce it up with some colorful felt flowers...pretty!

This is such a good project to start me off after the prolonged sewing dry spell.

So long now....I've a jeans tote to make.

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