Friday, March 4, 2011

Atlantic Coast roadtrip - packing tips

Well, it was a month-long trip but we couldn't possibly pack a month-long worth of clothings and supplies as we weren't driving a big truck or had a super big car boot.

For clothings, we had to pack 2 different sets of clothings - one set for cold weather and the other for warmer weather (the further south we went). We experienced temperatures closer to 0 degC from massachusetts all the way up to the carolinas...then it started to get warmer (ranging from 15-25deg C) as we entered south carolina and florida.

Instead of putting all the clothes in a couple huge suitcases.....I split them up into small hand-carries. Each small hand-carry had about a week's worth of clothes - and again, there was 1 hand-carry for cold weather, 1 for warm weather. So we needn't have to lug huge suitcases everytime we checked into a hotel for the night. I had another small foldable bag for all the dirty laundry....and when it got full, I'd head straight for the laundry facilities provided by the hotel.

So what are some of the items that we could never leave home without?

Loose change is a must - $1 notes as well as quarters....for paying toll, parking, laundry, vending machines etc. I'd always leave a pouch full of quarters in the car.

I like these 3-in-1 sheets for travel. Makes doing laundry while traveling a breeze...and I don't have to worry about detergent spilling in my suitcase or that I have forgotten to bring the laundry sheets.

MONK loves how could I not??!!!! My current supply of wet wipes were from Watsons....courtesy of a good friend from SG who left them behind for me :) These are so good for sticky fingers, spills and super effective for clothing stains (use wipe immediately once stain occurs and it'd disappear like magic). case of black-outs or other emergencies. Mine is a hand crank one.....never run out of power!!

Medication - the usual flu/cold/cough/fever/headache case we get sick along the way. Oh....and if you are planning to ride the waves/Magic Mountain/rocket launch might want to bring some motion-sickness tablets too.

And finally.....if you are like us - HUGE beer lovers.....never never never leave home without your liquor ID (I don't have a driver's licence) & bottlecap/wine opener!!

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