Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jacket to vest transformation

I dragged this out from the bottom of my clothes box. It's an old blazer that I used to wear for work. It's still in very good condition....just a little creased! However, I have no need for work clothes now so it's pretty redundant. I have been wanting to buy one of those edgy fitted vest to wear over my I thought why not convert this jacket into a vest??!!

First, I took out the sleeves. I wanted a "halter" look (kind of like the pink vest in the below photo) so I cut the new armholes slanting inwards towards the collar.
Here's how it looked....after I had cut off the sleeves.
It was quite tricky to sew around the new armholes so I ironed and tacked before using the sewing machine to run a straight stitch all around.
I also decided to change the neckline into something simpler. I cut off the whole collar and resew the neckline a little lower by removing the topmost button. As it was looking a tad boring being all black.....I added pokka dotted ruffles to the pockets. I might make a ruffle flower from the same pokka dot fabric to pin on the vest later on (or that might be too cheesy?). I had to do numerous fittings for this vest as I needed to take in some fabrics at various parts of the vest to make it a better fit.

It's more wearable now after the alterations and I'll probably pair it with some bright cheery color tops! If I'm not too lazy, I might continue to work on the bottom hem of the vest to give it more "curves" as the hem is currently straight and doesn't look as flattering.
Took me several hours over the past couple of days to do the alterations. Not the easiest refashioning project but it ain't rocket science either.....just required some patience, lots of pins and good'o tacking!!! I'm quite happy with my new vest....hope to wear it soon.

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