Sunday, March 20, 2011

Care package from mom and dad!!!

The package finally arrived, several days late, despite my parents sending it using the super costly speedpost express service. The delay was probably due to the customs checks. All the items were intact apart from the pork floss which got confiscated at the US customs :( Nevertheless, I'm still glad that the US customs did not return the whole package back to my parents in Singapore! At least I still got my chinese zodiac/fengshui magazines, beancurd skins (with accompanying instructions on how to use it!), dried beancurd slices & the mee-sua.

These may seem like strange things to some of you.....but to me, they are precious!

Back in Singapore, at the start of every new year, I'd buy the chinese zodiac publications to read. It's not that I'm particularly superstitious or anything....I just enjoy reading the forecasts and it has become a habit and yearly ritual of mine. I also love reading up on fengshui stuffs! :P

And during Chinese New Years, my mom would usually make vegetarian beehoon with dried beancurd as well as ngor hiong. Since I wasn't able to go back to SG to celebrate CNY with my family......I thought it'd be nice if I could make some of my mom's favorite CNY dishes over here. That's where the beancurd items will come in very handy! I know CNY is long over.....but the food will definitely bring back fond memories.

As for the mee sua.......first of all, I love love love love eating it....especially this particular brand which is more gooey in texture. Second, mee sua just reminds me of birthdays and of my parents' love! We didn't have big parties with tall cakes on our birthdays.....but instead, my parents would make mee-sua and red eggs for us. I remember there was one time when I was having a cold war with my parents and we didn't speak for weeks. On the day of my birthday when I woke up at 6am to get ready for work......there was a bowl of mee sua on the breakfast table accompanied by 2 red eggs. I was so touched!

Thank you MOM & DAD for the priceless things that you've sent. I love you folks very much! :)

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