Monday, March 21, 2011

Lunchbox Recipe - Chicken & fruit salad

RG's canteen is closed for renovations so I've been preparing his lunches since the beginning of the term.

As he doesn't have a readily accessible microwave available....his lunch menus consist mainly of sandwiches and salads that don't require any heating up. He also doesn't want any food that would sit too heavily in the stomach which could cause him to feel sleepy or lethargic.

It has been tough thinking up different sandwiches/salads to make so that he doesn't have to keep eating the same things for lunch. I have been googling the internet for lunchbox ideas and have found many interesting and inspiring ideas from the selfless bloggers out there who are so ready to share.

Hence, I would also like to do my part in contributing some of my lunchbox ideas.

Today's lunch menu is luncheon+egg rolls, chicken+fruit salad, corn chips, oatmeal cookies & a banana (with a hot flask of coffee).

I'd like to share my recipe for the chicken+fruit salad (feel free to substitute any ingredients with what you already have & proportions don't have to be exact):

- chopped celery
- chopped cucumber
- grapes (cut into smaller bite sizes or can leave as a whole)
- chopped apple
- corn (from a can)
- chopped chicken breast meat from rotisserie chicken (or make your own chicken breast meat)
- chopped walnuts (or pecans)
- raisins
- low fat mayo (add just enough to lightly coat all the ingredients)
- curry powder

Method: Mix everything together!

I made this salad last night and left it in the refrigerator to chill. Having the salad prepared ahead bought me more time to get the other stuffs ready early in the morning.

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