Monday, March 28, 2011

Lunchbox Recipe - Chicken salad

Today's lunch is chicken salad sandwich, butter lettuce salad, cantaloupe, blueberry cake, strawberry & roasted peanuts.

If you are wondering why I wrapped the sandwich in foil.......that's because RG often complains about his sandwich filling falling out from the I figured the foil could do the trick in preventing that messy situation.

Like that the strawberry resembles a heart!! :) Was planning to add the peanuts into the chicken salad but decided to just put it on the side so that the peanuts remain crunchy.
Green and red butter lettuces with low-fat caesar salad dressing on the side.
The chicken salad sandwich filling.........
Ingredients are just chopped chicken breast meat, chopped celery, corn and low-fat mayo.

I'm running out of ideas for the sandwich filling.......if you've got any interesting ideas for lunchbox sandwiches (cold), please do share them with me.

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