Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scarf reconstruction.....

I have been doing a lot of clothing reconstructions lately.....mainly because I'm sorting and clearing my wardrobe....trying to decide what to throw, what to give away and what can be salvaged by some creative reconstructions.

Realised I've got too many black scarves (well....too MANY scarves period!) in my closet. I decided to convert this kinda worn out sad looking piece into a shrug that I can wear and cover my shoulders and arms properly. Scarves tend to fall all over the place.
This is gonna be another easy refashioning that requires very little effort and braincells. First, I trimmed off the tassles.
And then just fold the scarf breadth-wise in half and sew along the edges, leaving a gap in the middle for you to "wear" it. I just held the scarf up at arm's length to roughly estimate how much to sew. The key is not to over sew....if you've sewed too little, you can always sew some more. But if you've over sewed...then you'd have to unpick which is a darn chore and might cause puncture holes in your fabric!

Depending on the width of your might need to trim the fabric a little before sewing so as to taper the "sleeves". But if you like wide flowing sleeves.....then just leave it the way it is. I tapered mine a little 'cos the width of the sleeve was too big. Keep trying it on to see how it fits while you are sewing.....then you can alter the measurements along the way to achieve something that fits you perfectly.
Here's how it'd look......
Good for pairing with my sleeveless tops/dresses. I'm thinking of making a light-color one to slip on whenever I'm driving to protect my arms from the UV rays.


  1. Nice to see you're being crafty again, & back to blogging too:)

  2. Mala: I'm trying to keep up with both crafting and blogging since I know you folks are reading and might be worried if I disappear for too long! :)