Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lunchbox Recipe - Tuna+Hummus sandwich

I have been waking up before 6am on weekdays to prepare RG's lunchboxes. The sunrises have been very spectacular since the start of spring. While it still feels more like winter than spring over here in New England (we've still got snow/flurries and the temperatures have been quite low!)......we hope to see more leaves on the trees and flowers on the ground very soon! It is soooooooo nice to start the day with a magnificent sunrise.
Back to the subject......this is RG's power-pack lunch for today - tuna & hummus sandwich, broccoli salad, grapes, corn chips & a granola bar. Tuna is such a great source of Vitamin Bs and Omega-3. Instead of the usual tuna mayo....I decided to up the nutritional value by adding red pepper hummus to the tuna. Hummus is essentially mashed chickpeas which is a fantastic source of protein and dietary fiber. It's supposedly good for strengthening the immune system, reduce stress and increase energy level. Broccoli and grapes are known to be good anti-oxidants.
I used a can of water-packed Albacone. I usually buy the water-packed ones 'cos not only will the tuna flakes be less oily....water also will not cause the omega-3 in the tuna to leach when you drain out the liquid in the can. I wanted some "crunch" so I added some chopped celery & onion to the tuna. You can add some salt/pepper if you like but I usually omit those.
I added approx 2 heap tablespoons of the gluten free red pepper hummus to the tuna. Gave it a good stir to mix well. This hummus tastes great as a salad dip too. I'd occasionally cut cucumbers/celery/carrots into long thin slices for dipping into this.
I'd usually lay some lettuce or cucumber slices on the bottom slice of bread before piling on the sandwich filling.....this prevents the sandwich from turning soggy.
Well that's it! was an easy one huh?....and it's so good to eat and good for the body too!


  1. Love tuna and hummus but have never tried them together. Thanks for the idea. A healthy lunchbox. A great wife to be waking up at 6am to make RG's lunch.

  2. Charmaine: ya try it and let me know how you and your family like it. if your kids don't mind the taste...i think it could be a nutritious option for them! :)