Friday, March 18, 2011

Refashion an old cardigan in 5 minutes....

I love this old cardigan that I bought in Tokyo many years ago. It's quite long (hip length) and the lower back part is getting worn out as I always sat on it and friction had caused fabric pilling.
Reluctant to just throw it away (& too worn out to donate to a charitable organisation)....I decided to turn it into a shorter shrug by trimming off the worn out part.
I removed the buttons and kept them for a later project. The way the cardigan was originally sewn gave it a natural tubing which I used to thread a ribbon through. The pink dotted lines in the second photo below show how the ribbon was threaded.I didn't bother to hem the cut part for an unconstructed look (ok, I'm lying, I'm just too laaaaazzzy!). But because it's a stretchy t-shirt material....the ends tend to curl up which looks kinda nice too and the fabric doesn't not hemming is totally acceptable :P

So here's how the refashioned cardigan looks on me. I'm not crazy about the pink pokka dot ribbon but it's the only thing I've got at home......might swop it for a thicker black satin ribbon later.
Yeay......a new shrug for spring!


  1. How I wish I had your talent. It's lovely how you've turned a cardigan into a shrug which is greater for spring and summer. SMART!

  2. Charmaine: you flatter me. this is so easy....i'm sure you can do it too. no sewing required!