Monday, March 14, 2011

Recycling old clothes

Spring is just round the's time for a wardrobe change.....from thick fluffy fleece to lightweight cottons.

Rather than spend $$$ on new clothes, I've decided to refashion some of our old clothings.

Here's one of RG's shirts that doesn't fit him anymore....I took my scissors and went *snip*snip*snip*
I added a cute pokka dot fabric that I had rescued from my old blouse to RG's shirt fabric.....sewed the 2 together to make into a skirt with an elastic band. It's so light & airy.....wonderful for those hot, humid spring/summer days!
I even have a "split" at the back to facilitate my chor-lor movements! :P
I have got this shirtdress in my wardrobe that I haven't worn since I bought it last year in London. I don't really like the combi-one-piece type of clothings 'cos I always look so ridiculous in them.....the reason why I bought this was 'cos it was on sale for GBP2. I can you say "no" to a piece of clothing for GBP2???!!!!! I like the nerdy look of the fabric and I had bought it with the intention to alter it into a shirt. I finally got down to doing it today.
There was a lot of seam to pick as I didn't want to just cut the shirtdress into 2 in case the shirt part ends up being too short. Every inch of fabric counts! After a good 15-20min of seam ripping, cursing and swearing....I finally separated the pieces.
So the top part....becomes a normal shirt. Suaku looking huh? I like!!! :P It's not that obvious....but I also added some gathers to the sleeves to shorten them by about 4-5inches so that the sleeve cuffs end above my elbows.
As for the lower part of the shirtdress......I haven't really thought about what to do with it. It looks like it could be another skirt.....or apron.....or scarf.....or just snip it into strips to make into ruffles or fabric flowers. We'll see.....

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